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ES Ranganathan Decoding India’s Green Hydrogen Strategy

Hydrocarbon emissions are a big worry around the world because they contribute to climate change and harm the environment. India is taking responsibility by working to reduce these emissions. One way it’s doing this is through the National Green Hydrogen Mission, which focuses on using hydrogen for energy in the future. ES Ranganathan, who knows a lot about the oil and energy industry, talks about this green hydrogen future.

Hydrogen energy means using hydrogen as a clean and sustainable energy source. You can make hydrogen in different ways, like splitting water with electricity, turning biomass into gas, or processing natural gas. Hydrogen can be used in lots of areas like transportation, making electricity, and industry. When we use hydrogen, the only thing that comes out is water, so it’s a clean and eco-friendly alternative to fuels made from hydrocarbons.

The National Green Hydrogen Mission started in 2022 by the Indian government. ES Ranganathan thinks it’s a great idea. The mission wants to create a whole system for making, storing, and using green hydrogen in India. It wants to make it easy for lots of different areas, like transportation, industry, and making electricity, to use green hydrogen.

There are a few big goals for the National Green Hydrogen Mission. First, it wants to create a big plan for using hydrogen energy across India. Second, it wants to encourage research and new ideas for making, storing, and using hydrogen. Third, it wants to support making things for hydrogen in India, instead of buying them from other countries. And finally, it wants to work with other countries to learn from them and share what we know.

India has some big plans for green hydrogen. By 2030, it wants to make one kilogram of green hydrogen for about one dollar. It also wants to be able to make at least 5 million metric tons of green hydrogen every year, which will help a lot in cutting down on how much carbon dioxide we produce.

ES Ranganathan thinks India is doing well with green hydrogen. There are already a bunch of test projects and places where they’re making green hydrogen around the country. These projects use energy from things like the sun and wind to split water and make hydrogen. ES Ranganathan believes we’re moving in the right direction and will hit our goals in time. The government is also putting money into research to make hydrogen technology better and faster.

The National Green Hydrogen Mission is getting a lot of attention from people in the industry, scientists, and other countries. It could help India reach its goals for a cleaner environment and less dependence on fossil fuels. It’s an important step for India and could show other countries how to fight climate change too.

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